Sakai Takayuki Homura Guren (Aogami 2 steel) Japanese Chef's Sakimaru-Yanagiba(Sashimi) 300mm with Urushi Lacquered Oak Handle

Sakai Takayuki Homura Guren (Aogami 2 steel) Japanese Chef’s Sakimaru-Yanagiba(Sashimi) 300mm with Urushi Lacquered Oak Handle

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Japanese food has introduced the ‘art of eating’ for the very first time as its culture-rich Japanese delicacies have been tasted and devoured by diners from varying parts of the globe. The ongoing and tremendously increasing fame and popularity of both sashimi and sushi dishes with varying toppings like Ebi shrimp, Fatty Tuna, Salmon, or Tamago egg has also led to the growth of professionalism within the culinary industry. Authentic Japanese delicacies and the traditional techniques essential to craft signature dishes have been introduced to various destinations around the globe through new-born specialty restaurants or also referred to as ‘Omakase’ restaurants.

At these luxurious, grand restaurants, diners can enjoy the bliss of real, authentic Japanese delicacies served right in front of their eyes. Gourmets will be given the opportunity to witness all the magical processes – where sushi and sashimi pieces will be served at the sushi table by Japanese head chefs. Catering to diners’ preferences, some places also offer vegetarian menus and vegan dishes. Thus, the increasing fame of Omakase further pushes the bars of expectation and at the same time, quite a pressure on Japanese cuisine and the ‘delicacy’ it is believed to portray. However, in truth, Japanese delicacies and most dishes own the colors of subtleness and exoticness at the same instance – for raw ingredients like Salmon, Fatty Tuna, or Sea Bass give off their fishy, unique flavors and scents, while being softened and flavored by the authentic, Japanese seasonings as well as other side components like luxurious Caviar beads.

With intricate processes being Japanese cuisine’s secret to success, Japanese food aesthetics have been topping the charts of social interest with uploaded shots of vivid-colored Salmon slices, beautifully-formed Japanese rice balls, and reviews of fantastic dining experiences at Japanese Omakase restaurants. Hence, culinary tools and equipment essential in the crafting of these Japanese delicacies are what Japanese food chefs and professionals always search for to aid them in the making of all extraordinary and traditional dishes.

Without much surprise, quality Japanese knives are all forged and produced by hand in Japan – as various cities and prefectures are home to traditional, premium-quality cutlery made with techniques passed down from generations to generations. Sakai, Seki, and Echizen are some of the top, most well-known cities home to fine-quality Japanese knives in Japan. Sakai Takayuki is also among Japan’s top knife brands trusted worldwide by its users for guaranteed extreme blade sharpness, blade durability, longevity, high performance, efficiency, unique designs, and variety.

Sakai Takayuki’s Homura Guren Yanagiba Knife

Although there are a plenty of Sakai Takayuki knives out there, specifically the sashimi or Yanagiba knife, its Homura Guren knife series stands out among the crowd. This Homura Guren knife series feature knives that are all hammer-forged by Itsuo Doi, a highly skilled craftsman, using the famous Aoko or Blue Paper (Aogami) 2 steel. Sakai Takayuki Homura Guren (Aogami 2 steel) Japanese Chef’s Sakimaru-Yanagiba Knife (Sashimi) 300mm with Urushi Lacquered Oak Handle is indeed one of Sakai Takayuki’s best-selling knife models that features the unique, Itsuo Doi-only inspired ‘Red Lotus’ design – depicting the vibrant, intense red colored flames made by burning fine pine charcoal during Doi’s knife forging processes.

The blade’s excellent wear resistance, stain resistance, and extreme sharpness guarantees users with ‘greatness’ and ‘reliability’ they need to make divine-tasting sushi pieces and sashimi dishes without much hassle. The knife’s half-rounded octagonal shaped Oak wood burnt-finish and dyed Japanese lacquered Urushi portrays the beautiful Japanese traditions and also provides users comfy grips. This Homura Guren Yanagiba knife by Sakai Takayuki is absolutely a must-have in collection even for knife collectors, for its mesmerizing patterns showcase Japan’s beautiful cultures and traditions like no other.